Triplets and More Pregnancies

What Will Happen in Triplet Pregnancy?

Today, in a significant part of multiple pregnancies, the reason is the high number of embryos delivered into the uterus in assisted reproductive techniques (IUI – Intrauterine Insemination and especially IVT – In Vitro Fertilization). Again, in ovulation support therapy, drugs that provide ovulation also contribute quite a lot to the formation of multiple pregnancy. Even with oral treatment, which is considered the simplest of ovulation-promoting treatments, the probability of twin pregnancy is about 5%.
As the number of embryos created under laboratory conditions and transplanted into the uterus increases, the chance of pregnancy increases, but the probability of twins or more pregnancy also increases. When the doctor reduces the number of embryos transplanted to reduce the chance of multiple pregnancy, the chance of pregnancy will decrease. For this reason, the doctor who performs IVF treatment has to make a careful decision. When the number of babies in the pregnancy is three or more, reducing the number of babies (reduction) comes to the fore, since the probability of this pregnancy resulting in the birth of healthy babies will be considerably reduced.

Reduction is the sacrificing of one or more of the babies in the early weeks of pregnancy so that the other babies can be born healthy.
How is the baby or babies to be sacrificed chosen?When an abnormality or a cogenital defect incompatible with life is detected in one of the babies, it is not difficult to decide that this baby should be sacrificed. However, in other cases, the doctor who will perform the procedure has to correctly identify the babies most likely to be healthy and apply the reduction procedure to the other baby (or babies) after obtaining the approval of the expectant mother and father. The reduction process (also called fetocide) is a legal practice in our country.

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